Monday, May 21, 2007

Tag!!! I'm It!!!


Tag!!! I'm It!!! I've been tagged by Sandy Wood. She is so sweet. She creates some AWESOME graphics check them out at SAM I AM Creations. Sandy also runs PFATT Marketplace. Stop over and take a peek. Her creations are wonderful as well as a host of other artists.

Okay, let me think, I have to share 7 random things about myself. Hmm, okay here I go:

1. My family is the best. I love them so much!!!

2. Multi-colored toe socks are my favorite.

3. I organize and categorize my groceries in the shopping cart and at home too.

4. I love to watch Charlie and Lola.

5. A field of daisies makes me smile.

6. I love to collect hand bags and totes.

7. My favorite snacks are frozen pickles and frozen blueberries.

Oh! I have one more to grow on. I love, love, love watching old movies of Pippi Longstocking!! : )

Okay, that's it. How did I do?


Sam I Am said...

awwwwwww're so darn sweet!!!!!!! :) :) :)
i LOVEEEEEEEEEE frozen choc. covered blueberries!! YUM gotta try them!
Thanks for playing along :)

Danita said...

Hehehe I love to watch Charlie and Lola too!!! I even have some books... I tell everybody they´re for my baby but actually I bought them for me lol...

Claudia said...

You did great! Love the socks! I never tried the frozen pickles before! Will have to do that!

Elaine Thomas said...

How Funny, I just think they are so cute!! I do the same thing too!!! lol

Elaine Thomas said...

Oh Claudia, the frozen pickles are the best. I like the Klaussan brand the best. Don't let them freeze all the way just slightly. Yummy!:)

sadie pink said...

Hmmmmm frozen pickles? I think I'm going to try that! Why not, right?

Sylvia Anderson said...

I'm also a pippi longstocking fan!! Love those old movies....too funny! Frozen pickles....gross! Catorgizing your food items....hmmmm can I recomend a good therapist? ;) Miss you, and glad to see you're updating your blog more than I have been!

Elaine Thomas said...

Hello Sadie Pink,

Yes, try them and let me know what you think.

Hey Syl, Come on frozen pickles are yummy! :) As for the therapist I may take you up on that one (LOL) I really miss hanging out. I hope to plan a trip out there next year. I think I owe you a tag. Talk to you later.

Missy said...

OH! I love CHarlie and Lola too! I wish my oldest would be that patient with my youngest! LOL!
Luvin your blog :)