Saturday, June 23, 2007

Red, White, and Boom!!

Hello all,

I am late again, I just need to manage my time a bit better. I will try to post at least once or twice a week. With the kids being out of school, I try to spend alot of my free time with them. I wanted to show you a picture of one of the pieces that I will be offering on starting on June 25th at 1:00pm (eastern). Our featured theme will be Americana, so make sure to stop over and check it out. I was inspired by the fireworks that we played with as a child to create this piece. I will have two additional pieces on AFA an adorable bear and an elephant. I think they turned out cute. Let me know your thoughts on them.

Cherry Bomb Boy - Find me on American-Folk-Art on June 25th at 1:00pm (eastern). Email me if you would like to purchase this cute little guy. This is a one-of-a-kind. I will also be offering two additional pieces for sale.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Busy Week

Hello All,

I know that the last time I posted anything was well over a week ago. Things have been really crazy for me. My Aunt pasted away last week so I was a bit down and just wanted to spend time remembering her and the time that we spent together. The services were really nice and got to visit with family. Also, my dear daughter decided to go bike riding without her gear and she split her chin open. WoW!!! that was a sight to see. : ( She had to get six stitches. I just hope she doesn't have a permanent scare on her chin. She told me she didn't want to ride her bike anymore. I just told her she needs to listen to mom and wear her gear. Wow! I sound like my mom. Never thought I would be saying that!! ;) I am just thankful she didn't break her jaw or knock her teeth out. She is doing much better this week and my spirits are up as well. I know losing a loved one is never easy. I know time well help me feel better.
I am busy in the studio this week finishing up some designs for DEMDACO and working on some pieces for American-Folk-Art which will feature an Americana theme this month. Make sure you visit the site on June 25th for the release. I will post pics of my progress for you later.
It seems like the last few pics that I posted were about food. I love to eat. So here are some more (lol). The family and I visited a restaurant called Hoggy's. I was really good. The exterior reminds you of an old barn. It is really cool. Once you walk inside the smells are wonderful and the atmosphere reminds me of old time down on my grandpa's farm. It is sort of nestled back in the hills. Here are some pics for you to view. Well, back to work I go. I will talk to you later. Smiles, Elaine

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Lunch at Abuelo's

Happy Wednesday everyone!!! The weather here in Ohio is quite pleasant today. Not to hot with a nice cool breeze. Just right for me. Yesterday was nice as well, but not as sunny as I would have hoped by still a great day for an outing. I managed to finish up all of my housework this week : ) and plan a lunch date. Let me tell you about it. I had the pleasure of having lunch with Lori Ann Corelis, you may know her as Baker Company and Designs. She creates the most wonderful bears and bunnies. I think her work is just great!! We had a wonderful time. She is so sweet. I could talk with her for hours. I look forward to our next lunch date.
Let me tell you about the food!! Well, I was in the mood for Mexican so we decided to try Abuelo's Mexican Food Embassy. The food quality was great and the service was super-friendly. I decided to go with the chicken and spinach quesadillas. I just love, love, love!! quesadillas. They were quite yummy!! A bit spicy but good. I will definitely visit again. The artwork in this place was exquisite. Abuelo's features statues hand carved by artists in the stone-carving villages around Guadalajara, Mexico, and colorful classic murals. I had a photo of Lori and I but the lighting was a bit dark and my loving camera decided to act up on me. Darn!! I will get one the next time. : ) Well, I need to go, I will talk to you soon.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Cheers for America

Hello All,

I know I was suppose to post pics on Tuesday but, I was a bit under the weather this past week. I am feeling much better today. : ) Below are a few pics of some of the pieces that I sent to Folk Works Gallery in Evanston IL. This month they will feature Cheers for America. So, if you are in Evanston stop by and visit. I created some patriotic pieces. The first one is a Betsy Ross figures holding a flag , the second is an Uncle Sam with his glittery star sparkles, the third is an Uncle Sam hold one of my favorites. An apple pie. Yummy, I think I need a slice right now (lol) not really. Just the thought of sweets make me think about my workout classes. Boy!, those are alot of work, and Vicki would work me much harder if she knew I were eating sweets. :) The last is a sweet little girl on a sheep.

I hope you enjoy viewing my pictures. I had fun creating all of them. If are interested in any of these please contact the gallery direct for more information.

Well, I will post again soon. I really need to do laundry today and do some housework. Talk to you soon. :)