Saturday, June 2, 2007

Cheers for America

Hello All,

I know I was suppose to post pics on Tuesday but, I was a bit under the weather this past week. I am feeling much better today. : ) Below are a few pics of some of the pieces that I sent to Folk Works Gallery in Evanston IL. This month they will feature Cheers for America. So, if you are in Evanston stop by and visit. I created some patriotic pieces. The first one is a Betsy Ross figures holding a flag , the second is an Uncle Sam with his glittery star sparkles, the third is an Uncle Sam hold one of my favorites. An apple pie. Yummy, I think I need a slice right now (lol) not really. Just the thought of sweets make me think about my workout classes. Boy!, those are alot of work, and Vicki would work me much harder if she knew I were eating sweets. :) The last is a sweet little girl on a sheep.

I hope you enjoy viewing my pictures. I had fun creating all of them. If are interested in any of these please contact the gallery direct for more information.

Well, I will post again soon. I really need to do laundry today and do some housework. Talk to you soon. :)


Diane Duda said...

I love them all, but my favorite is the apple pie Uncle Sam!
Glad you are feeling better and have fun with that whole laundry/housework thing. :)

Elaine Thomas said...

Thanks so much!! I am not looking forward to the cleaning, I would rather be creating :) Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Talk to you soon. Elaine

The Polka Dot Pixie said...

Elaine, I am amazed by your gorgeous work! Beautiful!!!! I hope it's okay with you if I add you to the link list on my blog!

Sylvia Anderson said...

Fabulous as always!! I love the Betsy Ross, and the Apple Pie Sam! :) Someone will be lucky to add those pieces to their collections. Have a great week!!

Suzanne said...

Hi Elaine~ I love all of your new pieces...Betsy Ross is so plump and cute! Don't you just hate when laundry and housework interfere with creating? :)


Elaine Thomas said...

Thanks Syl,

I appreciate!! Talk to you soon!! Smiles, Elaine

Elaine Thomas said...

Hey Suzanne, Thanks again for the information. Yes, I hate when housework stops me from creating :) But, what can you do. Have a great!Week!! Elaine

Michelle said...

Hi Elaine!
Your work is incredible!! I have been wanting to visit that gallery in Evanston for some time now! I will just HAVE to get down there and see your pieces!!!

Missy posted a link about your new blog. I will be visiting often!

Many Blessings,
Michelle Sylvia
The Blackberry Briar