Thursday, July 26, 2007

So Sweet

I wanted to share a photo with you all of another friend of mine. She is so sweet. Her name is Jennie. I know that she will probably kill me for posted this but I went to her blog an saw this adorable photo of her and her new hubby I had to share. Jennie and I also worked together. That's also where I met my other friend Nicole that I talked to you all about the other day. Well, Miss Jennie is a graphics designer, so if you are looking for some cool designs send her an email. The next time I am up their way I will have to visit her.

Check out this cool puzzle I found today. I will change the frame but isn't this a really cool print? The pictures don't do it justice. These are just a few snapshots of the print. It measures about 24 x 30. I had a full shot of it but, with the gear from the glass you couldn't really see the print. I just need to find a really nice frame. The frame it is in now is just to plain for me. I need something more ornate. I will see what I can find. It is okay for now.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What do you Think???

Hello all I finished the vanity for my studio. I think it turned out nice. My dear hubby said he likes it as well. The photos are'nt the best. You really can;t see how I distressed the piece. But I painted it white and lightly sanded all the edges so the natural wood shows. I decided that I didn't need to stain it. I think it looks nice without it. My studio is still a work in progress. The room is painted in sort of an antique white which to me looks more like a taupe or beige color. So I thought the white would make the piece standout in my studio. Here are a few photos. I will post a few more photos later. Hopefully those will look better. My dear hubby is going to replace the flooring the room so I will have easy clean up. Not sure what I want to put down. Anyone have any suggestions let me know.

I got to see a sweet, sweet, friend of mine this past weekend. She and I worked together some years back. I would say it has been well over 3 years since we have seen each other. But we still managed to stay in touch over the years. She is awesome. Such a talented young lady. She has a gift for writing. She has written several books and is working on a screenplay right now. When she called me and told me she would be in town I was so excited. We decided to meet at the Mozart Cafe. The food was okay. But the dessert, I decide to try a slice of carrot cake. That's healthy right? : ) Well, after ordering it and taking that first bite I wished I had just a plain carrot becuase it was quite dry and tasteless. Not sure if I would eat there again. Maybe. I just won't order dessert. We had a nice time together. She also came down with two other friends who were quite nice. Silly me, I didn't get a photo of them. But, Dawn and Kylan I really enjoyed meeting you all. We will difinitely have to get together again. This is a photo of my friend Nicole.

Hey, I think I mentioned this in one of the first post about joining a local art guild. Well the group has some of our art work on display at a very popular coffee house in town. It has a really nice atmosphere and tons a people visit. So, if you are in downtown Canal stop in and see some of the artwork.

Friday, July 20, 2007

In the Dog House

Wow! it is midnight. I finally have some free time to updated my blog. I have been busy with the kids and doing some much needed work around the house. I managed to sneak away for a few hours the other day and found this old vanity. I thought it was a GREAT find!! However, once I got it home. My Dear Hubby had other thoughts about it. He didn't like it a bit and asked me to return it. I told him sorry, but no refunds. He was a bit upset with me but he will be okay. : ) My thought for this piece was to repaint it and use it in my office. Oh! my office. I also did an overhaul on it this week. It is much better. I just needed to organize a bit and change some things around. Tell me what you think of the vanity. I will show you photos after I am completed the painting. I just want to have sort of a white wash appearance. Something really simple.

What else is going. I have a lot of pans on the fire for the next few weeks so I will do my best to post as often as a can. I wanted to also share some photos of my drive home. It helps me relax and appreciate the simple things in life. I love living out in the country. Check them out

There are several farms we pass on our ride home. The cows are my kids favorite. They are always pretending that the cows are the California cheese cows. It is really cute. We also pass by a few horses and sheep. It is a very relaxing drive.

This is a photo of onr og many wonderful homes located in downtown Canal. I just love!the look of this home! To see it in person you would just fall in love with it as well.

Well, I need to go get me some rest. I will post again soon. Oh! I will have to tell you about Harvest Moon in Canal. Talk to you later.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Angels for Brianna...What a Success!!

Hello All, the auction for Angels for Brianna has ended. What a GREAT job!!! The work from all the artists was wonderful. The ladies that put everything together are fabulous!! Such sweet people. Thanks to all who helped to make this a successful benefit. Especially everyone who placed bids on the items, you are truly angels. Check out how much was raise in just one week.

The Auction was able to raise
$18, 441.10!!!!
WOW!!! that is awesome!!!

If you didn't get an opportunity to bid on one of these lovely angels but still want to contribute, cash donations are welcome for one more week. Just send an email to .

Thanks for all your support.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Angels for Brianna Auction Ending

Hello all, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who may have contributed to the Angels for Brianna Benefit Auction. I was so proud to be a contributing artist for this auction. Everyones artwork is so wonderful. I wanted to also remind you that the Auction ends TOMORROW so if you haven't had an opportunity to visit the page and place a bid please do so.

The auction will end at 6:30 pm PST, July 14th. Just to let you know the process...

Bids will be updated during the day but for the last 3 hours it will work like this:

The site will be updated by 3:30pm. At 4:15pm we will take new bids and update so that by 4:30pm the site will be updated. We will do this again at 5:15pm so that by 5:30pm the site will be updated. We will take all bids thru 6:30pm (pst) and have the winning bids posted by 7:30pm (pst).


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Rainy Day

This picture is by Chris Marsh right after a rainy day.

Today is a rainy day here. It feels quite nice actually. The last few days were very hot and stickly. You know that humidity really changes things. The kids and I are enjoying the cool breezes and listening to the sound of the rain. It is so beautiful I think. I also have to make a few special gifts for a couple of my friends today. Tomorrow I will get started on my pieces for Pfatt Marketplace. I just couldn't stay away. I had to rejoin, Sandy is such a sweetheart. So make sure you stop over in August to see my pieces.

Talk to you soon,

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th of July

Hello all,

I hope everyone is having a glorious 4th of July. I also want to send a special thanks out to all of our service men and women. Thank you for all that you do for us.
The family and I enjoyed a day at the Amusement Park. We actually went yesterday because our weather man predicted rain on the 4th. The day turned out to be really nice. The weather was good and it wasn't too crowded at the park. I can't believe the prices at the parks now a days. Crazy, one bottle of water cost $4.00 Wow!! I should have packed my own. But, I guess if you are going to the park to be amusd you should also be amused at the cost of everything there (lol). They also had fireworks at the end of the day which was very nice. The kids really enjoyed themselves. Today we will just relax and watch some movies. Oh, speaking of movies. Did you know alot of the major movie theatres offer free or discounted movies during the summer. You may want to contact your local theatres and find out when and what time they offer these showings. If you visit there website they usually have information on showtimes and days. Some of the theatres also give you FREE popcorn. Free movies and Free popcorn, that is a great deal. This is a great and inexpense way to get out with the kids on a hot summer day. The movies are usually fairly recent release movies. Here are a few links for the onces in my area

Well, I hope everyone enjoys their holiday!!

I also wanted to remind everyone about the Angels for Brianna Benefit Auction which starts on Sunday July 8th and ending on Saturday July 14th..

Angels for Brianna Benefit Auction

Artists from several facets of the art community have come together to donate angel themed artwork that will be auctioned off as part of a silent auction starting on Sunday July 8th and ending on Saturday July 14th. This auction is being held to honor the memory of a lovely girl named Brianna, whose life was cut short from a disease called MDS. Brianna was diagnosed with MDS in October of 2006, and fought the battle of her life for 8 short months. Unfortunately she lost the battle on June 15th 2007, but her spirit lives on, and she is a reminder to us all to cherish each day that life brings, and to love those closest to us with all of our hearts.

Iva Wilcox, Brianna’s mom, is a talented part of the art community, and this is how we’ve all come to know and love Brianna….through Iva’s beautiful stories and photographs of her daughter. The money collected from the auction will be used to help cover the funeral and medical expenses incurred by the family, and to fund a wonderful program that Brianna started at her high school called the National Art Honor Society. This group, whose primary focus is to promote artists and their work at the high school level, was something that Brianna was passionate about, and she had so many plans for the group that she wasn’t able to put in place due to her illness. Our hope is that the proceeds will help get the group off to a wonderful start this fall, and that she will be an inspiration to other young artists to pursue their talent, and realize their dreams.

I am proud to help promote and support this fabulous event, and I hope you will join us in bidding on an angel or two of your choice, and bidding high to help raise some much needed money for this family, and to honor Brianna’s memory. All of the angel artwork you’ll see is completely handmade by each artist, signed and dated, and will come with a special tag as a reminder of this event. We were moved by Brianna’s story, and all of us felt compelled to do something to help her family in their time of need, in a way that Brianna would have loved. This is why the auction was formed, and we want her memory to live on, as she does now with the angels above.

Thank you!

To read more about Brianna please visit;

Here is a peek at the Angel I created for the Auction