Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Rainy Day

This picture is by Chris Marsh right after a rainy day.

Today is a rainy day here. It feels quite nice actually. The last few days were very hot and stickly. You know that humidity really changes things. The kids and I are enjoying the cool breezes and listening to the sound of the rain. It is so beautiful I think. I also have to make a few special gifts for a couple of my friends today. Tomorrow I will get started on my pieces for Pfatt Marketplace. I just couldn't stay away. I had to rejoin, Sandy is such a sweetheart. So make sure you stop over in August to see my pieces.

Talk to you soon,


Sam I Am said...

awww elaine..
im glad you couldn't stay away and are rejoining us on the Marketplace :) :) :)

Suzanne said...

Hi Elaine~
Cant' wait to see what you've created!

tana said...

hey elaine, i just found your blog by accident! isn't it wonderful to live someplace where it rains throughout the year? california definitely has some good points, but 4 months of rain all at once (and none the rest of the year) isn't one of them. lol!