Sunday, August 12, 2007

Nice Matters!!

I feel so specially. I just received the "Nice Matters" Award. This came at just the right time for me. Because I was feeling a bit down the past few days. Thank you Sylvia and Deena . You two are both sweethearts. I will display my award proudly. I am so happy to receive this award and in turn I need to award some others with the Wonderful Nice Matters Award. The nominees are:

Also wanted to remind everyone to visit American-Folk-Art August 13th at 12noon. This months theme is "Life's A Beach". It should be fun. So, stop over and take a peek. Speaking of peeks, here is a seek peek at what I will be offering. To see the full piece visit AFA tormorrow at 12noon.

Have a wonderful day.


Suzanne said...

Oh! I love her already!!...what I can see of her! Can't wait to see ALL of her tomorrow.

Thank you Elaine, for the nomination. YOU are a kind and sweet person and I'm so glad we met...through blogging!

Sylvia Anderson said... are very welcome my friend! :) Your new piece looks fabulous, and thanks for sharing a sneak peek with us! Have a wonderful week...and glad I was able to help lift you up!

jennie said...

i checked her out and she is sooo cute! i love her!

Diane Duda said...

Sorry I haven't thanked you for this sooner. Things have been hectic around here. I promise to do a post about this and pass it on soon.


Cathy Nash said...

I saw the full version of "Life's a Beach"--so precious!
Congrats on the "Nice" award too!

jennie said...

Hi there, I tagged you for the middle name game, check out my blog entry for details! :)

also, sorry I missed you on Friday!! I went to the doctor, so sad to hear you were here and I wasn't!! Meet you for lunch next time!

Cheryl said...

Oh thank you! And I LOVE this newest addition...I can just TELL! Hugs, cheryl