Friday, August 31, 2007

Old Friends, Memories, and New Friends

Hello All,
A few weeks ago I took a drive up north and I had the opportunity to visit with some friends of mine. It really brought back fun memories. I always like to take a stroll down memory lane. Seeing familar faces and visiting favorite restuarants and seeing how things have changed and some remain the same. Here are some pictures from my visit....

This is a photo of my friend Becky of "Find Your Wings. She is an awesome artist. I just love her creations. Her home is filled with all of her wonderful creations. Her husband Marshall is a wonderful artist as well. He does amazing wood cravings. This is Becky in her studio. They gave me a few of their pieces that they designed for Blossom Bucket. I will post photos of those later.
Becky and her hubby Marshall. The talented wood craver. I can't wait to show you their pieces from Blossom bucket. Great stuff.

These are some photos I took of Becky's Studio. All the wood craving are Marshalls.

Me and a few artsy friends.

I also got to see my friend MaryBeth. I haven't seen her in about 3 years. It was really nice seeing her. She just had a baby too. Isn't she cute.

Hey, when you get a chance check out a new friend of mine Lillian Alberti her work is great.Such a talented lady. She is one of the artists on Glitter and Grunge. Her website is A-Lil-Whimsy. She creates dolls, boxes, murals and more. I love her Jester pieces which I think one was featured in Doll Readers magazine. Here are a few photos of her work. Visit her website at
Have a great weekend everyone!!!


Sam I Am said...

awww elaine.. you are too cute :) :)
How fun that you got to go and meet your artsy friends.. :)
loveeeee lillian's site.. what amazing work she does..i swear that tree looks like its really growing into the ceiling!

Suzanne said...

Wow Elaine~ You keep very artistic company! Love your friend's creations for Blossom Bucket. What a fun trip!
And I'm off to check out Lillian's site.

jennie said...

i wish i would have been here when you came to visit! i miss you!!