Monday, September 24, 2007

Happy Fall Everyone!!

Hello All,

Fall is here already. I can't believe it!! Time to start decorating for the fall season. I love the changes that fall brings. The beautiful colors of the trees and the wonderful smells of pumpkin pie and warm apple cider. I also love to attend the different fall festivals and antiques shows.
I just received my fall issue of Country Living Magazine and they are having a fair next week in my area so I will have to check it out. I will be September 28,29, and 30th from 10am - 5pm. Admission is $12 or you can get a weekend pass for $20. Sounds like lots of fun. Not sure what day I will go but I will have to check this out. I think this a photo from last year.

I also did a little shopping this weekend. Checkout my finds.


vivian said...

HI! I was so glad to see that someone visited my blogsite!! that is so awesome! I've had a live journal for quite awhile.. feel free to check that out as well..
It looks like you had fun on your little fall shopping trip.. There are a couple fall shows coming up here soon that I am looking forward to attending.. I do love the fall and obviously halloween.. ..I'm just not overly fond of what comes after!
so, can we post links to each others blogs? I'd be so glad if we could! have a great night!

vivian said...

I'm back again.. I was reading your profile.. I love old shirley temple movies too.. and old cheesy doris day movies and anything else like that! (and I'm really not that old!)

Cathy Nash said...

Hi Elaine,
I noticed your new blog banner--I really like it! Have fun at the fair this weekend.

Mica said...

found your sweet blog from Cathy's blog. just wanted to say hi and love your works. hope to get to know ya better.

Mica/ Garb-oodles

Suzanne said...

Happy Fall to you Elaine! It looks like you found some great little treasures.

Sam I Am said...

Hi Elaine!
Where abouts what this show at?? the one you have pictured from last year?
It looks like my friend Kim in the picture!!! (the lady all in denim) HOW COOL!

love the spiderwebs... even tho i hate spiders...those are truly works of art!

Elaine Thomas said...

I think the show was in Chicago last year. Not for sure. Smiles, Elaine