Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I've been Tagged!!!

Hello All,

I figured I better get this done because it has be awhile since I received my first tag from Viv's Whimsy. I apologize for my delay in responding to your email. I finally had a opportunity to visit everyone and I noticed I was tagged by a few others The Polka Dot Pixie and Sadie Lou Who of Craftilyeverafter. Okay ladies here are 5 random things about me:

1. Growing up I had a weird taste palette. I would combine some weird things together to snack on. I would take wonder bread and pour sugar or syrup on them and eat as a sandwich. Yummy Yummy. I would sometimes add peanut butter too. Another favorite of mine was "wish sandwiches" I would just eat mayo and bread and wish I had some meat inside. ha, ha, ha I know it was weird, but I thought they were quite delicious.

2. I love music a lot. So growing up I would collect posters and buttons of my favorite singers. I had over 500 posters and buttons. My walls were covered in posters and I would wear my buttons on my jacket and jeans. I thought I was sooo coool. : ) Each jacket would be dedicated to a different singer. for example Michael Jackson, Boy George, Wham!!, New Editions, Cyndi Lauper and Prince. Just to name a few. I also liked big band music and Motown classics. So, I was all over the board. I think my mom played alot of oldies but goodies when she was pregnant with me because I just love listening to them.

3. Being a latch-key kid and only child, I loved to watch television a lot and read books. And like the Polka Dot Dixie. I would make sure I would rush home from school to watch the little rascals; Alfalfa and Darla were fun! But, I loved Spanky. Land of the Lost was another favorite of mine. Don't know if you remember the show. but it was sort of like the Robinsons' but in prehistoric time.

4. I love to go horseback riding. Growing up my mom would take me riding all the time. A few summers I spend at a horseback riding camp which was so much fun!!

5. Okay, the big five, ummm...what can I say? Oh! I know, I am a big fan of retro arcade games. I miss going to our corner store to play video games with my friends. I must say, I was not a girly girl. More of a tom boy. But, I did like to wear a dress now and then : ). Any whoo back to the games. My favorite games were Centipede and Pac Man and honorable mention Donkey Kong.

I know I am a big kid at heart. I would still do all of these things except for the sugar sandwiches. Ha Ha Ha!!

Okay let me know what you think : ) All right I need to tag a few people. Let me see

Happy Holidays!!!


mica at said...

I was a Tom Boy myself. and also wore a dress from time to time and the 80's music..liked it too !! You are not wierd !!! Hope you have a Merry Christmas !!! Mica from Garb-oodles

vivian said...

Hi Elaine, I just saw this post.. I used to eat butter and sugar sandwhiches ! yuk!! I also ate cream cheese and hot mustard sandwhiches.. and I used to eat wheaties with butter and sugar instead of milk on them! sick sick sick!!!