Saturday, December 8, 2007

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Hello All,
Do you remember the 1987 movie staring Steve Martin and John Candy. Where all he wants to do is get home for the holiday. Unfortuately he experiences a stings of unforuately events alone the way. Well, this pass week was like that for me. Let me tell what happened. My dear hubby and I were invited to Chicago for there Christmas so well dedicated to go we figured it would be a nice getway and my mother-in-law would watch the kids for us. Well we knew that the weather was bad in Chicago a few days ago but little did we know that the storms were headed our way. So the morning that we were leaving to catch our plane is when the storm hit. I took us about 2 hours just to drive to the airport when it normally take about 30 minutes. After arriving to the airport we find out that our flight was cancel. So that placed us on a second flight. And oncce again that flight got cancel. The third time was the charm. We manage to keep that flight so. He we are on the plane and the captain says there will be a delay in our leaving due to the weather and other planes ahead of us and we still have to be de-iced and are number 11 for departure. Now, I don't want to seem as if I am complaining becuase I was rather wait to ensure the safety of everyone that rush off and something bad happen. So once we are finally in the air we find out there is another delay in landing because they had to clear the run ways at Midway and were number three to land. So, I just sat back and enjoy my time in the air and thought about what we going to go once we landed. After all was said and done we we there late in the afternoon. I had scheduled time to meet up with a few friends but was only able to see one. Hopefully the next time I visit the weather will be better and we all can get together.

My friend Jackie is so sweet, she showed me around St. Charles, IL for a few hours we visited a few shops in town. The first set of photos are of a fun shop called "Artemisia", this shop is full of antiques & Elements for you home and garden. The owner Debra S. Koertge was there when we stopped by. You can find things from children clothing to home decor in this shop. Most of the things are handmade but there are a few imports. I purchased a few pieces and one that I really liked alot. It was a hand knitted hat with a flower which was made in Nepal and all the benefits go to benefit the families in Nepal. If you get a chance to visit St. Charles stop in to Artemisia located at 116 Cedar Avenue, St Charles, IL 60174. You can also visit Debra's website at

Now this next shop we visited was quite grand as well. It had alot of glittery things which I love and trendy clothes and home decor. The name of the shop is "Panache" You can find vintage, antiques, and glittery surprises in the shop. Mostly handmade pieces and some imports. After speaking with the owner, Cheryl Herman she imformed me that she attend many different gift shows around the world to make her shop so unique. And it shows. Take a look at a few photos
If you want to stop by and visit Panache' it is located at 210 Cedar Avenue, St. Charles, Illinois, 60174. To Contact Cheryl her number is 630-587-1090.
We visited a few other shops but I didn't get photo of them. I really enjoyed my visit to a shop called Surgar Creek. I will have to get the information on this shop for you.

After visiting with Jackie the next day was the dinner party and the play. I was so excited about the going to play. I had hear so many good things about but I never seen it before. Oh, the name of the play would be helpful. It called "Wicked". It was great!! The food was as good. But we so enjoyed the play. If you could see the set and costumes they were amazing!!! the really performed well. I would love to see it again. It is the untold story of the witches of OZ. for more information on the play visit

Well, have a great weekend and I will talk to you soon.




vivian said...

oh.. does not sound like fun waiting around the airport all that time! At least you had a good time once you got there!
those shops look like fun! though I have to say, I'm a bit tired of shopping!! (Did I really say that?)
Have a great week! I have to go decorate my tree!!

Mary Isabella said...

Looks like you had a ball shopping.