Friday, April 11, 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Hello All,

All I can say today is Rain, Rain, Go Away, Come Again Another Day. I snapped this shot of the cutest little thing. I was coming from the coffee shop in town today and looked up and saw these cute little pink boots and dollhouse in the window and had to take a shot. I know its not the clearest photo but I think it is so sweet to see on this gloomy rainy day. I sometimes love rainy days. The sounds of the raindrops on the window pane can be soothing to the hear. I also, have time to stop and just listen. I can remember as a child when I would visit my grandmother and there would be a rain storm. Everyone would have to turn off everything from televisions to lights and just sit down and listen. I don't know why but I guess she thought lightning would strike or something. I enjoyed it anyway, because my imagination allowed me to see how the rain would dance on the leaves or race down the flower petals or play the music notes to a songs as it hit the window pane. Something to think about the next time it rains. I also enjoy writing in my journal now. It seemed so foriegn to me before until my best friend told me how fun it would be to express your thought onto paper. Thanks Ebani, Love Ya!!
But anywhoo, I am busy working in my studio getting samples ready for DEMDACO as well managing my family life. My sweet daughter had a music recital yesterday. She was so excited because the music teacher selected her for a solo part. She got to play the Glockenspiel. I had no clue what the heck a glockenspiel was but once I saw it, I thought that it reminded me of a xylophone but I was told that they are totally different instruments. I tried to take photos but my trusty camera would not cooperate. The lighting was really bad. I was so upset. But, her teacher told me she would send me photos. I am also excited for my son. He recently got accepted into the local art guild. I think he is an awesome young artist. He is 15 years old and excited about pursuing a career as an artist for movies or chemical engineer. Whichever he decides, I will support him. Here are a few photos of his recent drawings.

This is titled, "Antigone".

This is titled, "Feeling Lucky?"

This is titled, "The Joker". I like his drawing skills but I thought it looked a bit scary for me.

This is titled, "Falling Into Black".

This is titled, "Comatose". This is really two drawings combined into one. The boy holding part of the cord is one drawing, and the remainder of the cord and the media equipment is the second drawing. We thought this would be a great T-Shirt!! The front would have the boy holding the cord with the saying, "The Influence can be positive or negative". Then the back would have all the media equipment with the saying, "You Decide". I thought he could make up others like this and sell. I am looking for a T-Shirt company that could place his artwork on T-Shirts. If you know of any let me know.
Well, have a great weekend and I will have new pieces in May to share with you.