Friday, October 31, 2008

Family Ghost Stories

Hello All,

Have a Jolly Halloween!! Do any of you have any family ghost stories? Most people know of at least one ghost story that has been told as being true within their family. Many of us even remember living near a haunted house when we were young. As children we tend to believe these ghost stories are real, but by the time we grow up we often consider ghosts to be as mythical as Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny or the Great Pumpkin. But, in some cases this isn't alway true. I know I have experienced some things as an adult that made the hair on the back of neck stand up.

However, as a child I believe we are more in turn with our senses or should I say our sixth sense. I have so many true life ghost stories I could talk about them for days but I wanted to share a couple with you today. First one is when I was about seven or eight I would spend many of my summers with at my grandmothers house and she had the most wonderful old victorian house. It had all the great achitectual detailing and the glass door knobs. I just loved it. There were hidden rooms and antiques for days. I think that is why I love anything thing vintage. Well, I recall my older cousins would always tell me stories of an older man that they would see either in the basement or on the fourth floor. So, they didn't like spending to much time over grandmoms. But, I didn't believe them I thought that they were trying to be mean as yound kids sometime do. I hadn't seen anything and I loved spending time with my granny. Well, whenever I would visit the thought of this older man would immediately cross my mind but I would immediately tuck it back inside for safe keeping. Well, this one day I decided that I wanted to venture down into the basement. Now, my grandmom's basement was filled with so many great things it was a little girls play palace. It had books, dishes,pots and pans, even a vintage washing maching. You know the kind that you had to hand roll the clothes through to rink them out. Clothes for dressing up and so much more. So, I had venture downstairs. As I walked down the steps which seemed to lightly creek underneath my feet I started to feel a slight chill. But, I didn't think anything of it because I figured it was the basement and all basements were a bit chilly. Well, I decided that my first stop would be in the kitchen were I would pretend to bake a cake and do the laundry for the day. I played for a bit then I started to hear foot steps I thought it was just my grandmother coming to see what I was doing but I looked around and I didn't see anyone so I continued to play. After I was done with my chores I decided to make my way to the library which was located on the other side of the basement. I thought checking out books from the library would be fun to play. As I entered the room filled with all this books which seemed to line the walls from the floor to the ceiling. I decided to take a few of the books off the shelves and place them on the desk which was in the center of the room. Well, again, I hear the footsteps and this time they seemed to be right in the room next to the desk. I was a bit nervous at this point as I turned around. I had a very eery feeling that someone was watching me just staring wondering why I was bothering there books. Now keep in mind I put a few of the books on the table and when I looked back at the desk one of the books was open and I know I didn't do it. So, I decided to get me but from down there as I was leaving out of library I glanced back and saw the silouhette of an older man standing at the desk he looked at me and then looked down as if he was reading the book where he had opened it. I ran up the steps so fast that I dont think I touched one step. (lol) Pretty CREEPY!! I know I didn't go in the basement for a long time after that happened.

I have one more story to share with you. When I was about twelve my sweet grandmother went to be with the LORD. Which hurt my heart so much because we would have so much fun together. Well, the morning of her funeral my mother and I were at home getting ready and I can remeber walking past the kitchen and glancing in and seeing my grandmother sitting at our kitchen table. She noticed me and smiled at me. She looked so happy and she was dress so nice. She had on her Sunday best as if she was headed for church. As we would do so many Sundays together. I remeber her suit was a grey pinstripe with a beautiful pink blouse underneath. She also had on her antique pearl necklace and earrings. I remeber those bcause I would play dress up with those whenever I would go to visit. Now keep in mind this vision of her wasn't long. It was only for a second. You know one of those times when you glance and you look back and then it isn't there anymore. But, the glance seem to leave a lasting image with me. As if you wanted me to remeber her. Well, here is the EERY part. Once we arrived at the funeral parlor and it was time for us to sayour farewells. I can remember the hairs on the back of my neck standing up when I saw my grandmother. Can you believe she waswearing exactly the same outfit that I saw her in when she was sitting at our kitchen table that morning. Scary Huh?? But, I know that was her just telling me good-bye. :) Let me know if you have any family ghost stories.

Be safe tonight!!