Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Share The Love Valentine Giveaway

Okay today is January 14th and we are officially one month away from February 14th.

No big deal right, well for me it is a big deal. I will be turning 40. AHHHH!! I know I can't believe it. Everyone keeps telling me it only gets better from here. I truly hope so.

Well, In honor of my birthday which happens to be Valentine's Day I am hosting a

All you have to do to enter is:

*leave a comment on this blog post telling me a way that you {Share the Love} with others by filing there Valentine’s Day with love, joy, and happiness.

*If you prefer you may also email me with {Share the Love} in the subject line to enter and state in the body of the email away that you share the love with others.

*please only enter once

*entry {for giveaway} ends Saturday, January 31st at 5:00.p.m. EST.

*The winner will be announced Sunday, February 1st. The winners name or screen name will be posted on my blog as well as contacted via email or through their blog. If I do not hear back from the winner within 3 days, I will assign a new winner. Okay, I think that is it. Oh!!!

What will you WIN you ask? Well, I will have a couple sweet treats for you. One being an original paper clay designed by me, and a gift card for Malley's chocolates. That way you will have a way to treat yourself and someone else as well.

{piece valued at $48}

Please come celebrate my birthday by {Sharing the Love} and invite your friends as well to join in the fun!!

Good Luck,


vivian said...

oh goody!! cant miss this! I just have to tell you I'm not to keen on spreading the word.. the less people who know the better my cbance to win! oh dear.. I guess I'm not really that selfish.. I'll share the info.....
lets see.. spreading valentines love... I always make something for my girls, buy the boys candy and give them all cards. I always make valentine sugar cookie cutouts and I usually make a pineapple upside down cake for my husband and a nice meal. And.. I do valenintine swaps!!!!
have a sweet day Elaine!

Jackie said...

Oh Elaine...what a treat! I love it. This year I am making the girls sock critters, Kate's is already done its a pink and red striped zebra with a xoxo sweater, Alex loves monkey's so I will do hers next, and our son gets candy and usually a jamba juice hubby gets a night out with wacky me! I hope your day is special and your a doll for having a giveaway! I wish I was there with you to celebrate your big 40...I just had a we both capricorns...i think :) lots of love, jackie

jenny holiday said...

Oh my word!!! How incredible!!! Tooo fun!!! Happy Happy Birthday!! What a lucky girl!! A Valentine's day baby!! So cool!!!! Did you have theme parties as a kid? My birthday is Oct I always havd Halloween parites!

Thank you so so much for poping by my blog!! Always brings a smile!!

I'd love a chance at winning this FUNNNN giveaway!!!

Thanks bunches!!
XOXO Jenny

Suzanne said...

Aww, are you sure you can part with those sweet treats? Thanks for sharing on your birthday! :) Happy B-day on the 14th.
An "I-Love-You" note, a hug, a kiss, and maybe a little token like a favorite candy will be given to each of my "boys" (hubby and sons) for Valentine's Day.
I hope they know I love them everyday, but it's nice to commemorate the day!

Pat said...

Elaine, I absolutely love your art! Happy B'day in advance! I share my love with my family and friends by surprise gifts of chocolate or a small handmade gift. I show love to my husband with a great meal (home cooked or at a resturant) alongwith a bouquet of flowers, because he has been so wonderful and tolerant of my art and the time it takes to create. Hope to see you at A&S again this year.

~dani~ said...

Oh that bunny is soooooooooooooo stinking sweet! and so are you to offer one of your original pieces!!

Well here we keep it pretty simple, I make my hubsters card (i spend like 2 hours on it..why I am not sure..just
and I make "Brinner"-breakfast meets dinner.
Which will be homemade heart waffles with homemade whipped Cream and berries. The heart shaped waffle iron came from my beloved Gram who passed almost 2 years ago. I love using it and knowing she would be proud.


Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Elaine! He's adorable. Please throw my name in the giveaway hat.

Ways I share love with my family:
Sometimes I slip a note or special treat in their bookbag or lunch sack. I also like to draw cartoons on the lunch sacks for special occasions like Valentine's, birthdays, etc.

Sam I Am said...

awwww elaine..what a sweet giveaway :) And how cool to have your birthday on valentines day!!!! do i share the love...well... i do their laundry!!

hahahahahahahahahah :)

Carla said...

Oh Elaine, what a nice idea to celibrate your birthday in this way. Not getting presents, but giving them away. Like our Dutch Sint Nicolas on the 5th of december does. Valentine.s day in Holland is not been celibrated like in your country. We send postcards to the people we are secret in love with. But I like the idea of surprising my hubby and family. So I will invite the children and make a special Valentine diner. Thanks to blogs like yours I will have enough ideas how too. And yes, ofcourse I would like to win one of your great pieces.

Ronnie said...

Elaine, I just discovered you...uuuh, where...dang. I can't remember, but I sure lucked out!
I am in! The rabbit is fabulous!
I have a grandson who was born on Valentines Day. He gets a lot of red stuff.
My husband once gave me a vacuum cleaner for Valentines Day.
I remember looking at him and saying,
"Didn't they have a red one?"
So, my advise would be, don't bring your wife a blue vacuum cleaner for Valentines Day.
Ronnie - freezing in a small town in Georgia

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

HI Elaine,

I remembered that Valentine's Day was your Birthday from last year. The way I show love ::: I have my Sunday school class make Valentine's for thos wh are seniors and others that are sick. I also make candy for my family and write each one a note. One year I put Valentines all over the Bathroom mirror so when Husband went in to brush his teeth he saw all the Valentine's....Hugs...Mary

Lemongrass Studio said...

Yikes! Only a month away... I have been a fan of yours on pfatt for a long time and I've never posted on your blog so in the spirit of love and admiration for all the fellow artists out there I figured why not? Spreading Valentine's love to me means pizza, sugar cookies in the shapes of hearts, a movie and an extra long walk for the dogs.

Melissa Fischer said...

your rabbitt is adorable, and a happy early birthday! I love to hand make my gifts for my kids and my husband! I think I enjoy making the gifts more than my family enjoys recieving them! But, my daughter is now to the age were she notices the time that I put into things for her and my son and I love that she realizes that I spend so much time on something because I love her! Have a great Valentines!!

GeorgiaPeachez said...

What a fabulous giveaway and a great way to celebrate the big day! My sweeties get a special homecooked meal and I might even do a little baking that day too. I also make valentines with my daughters, lots of doilies and glitter. xo, suzy

Michaele said...

I'm a bit predictable when sharing the love with family and friends (baking favorite cookies, making heart shaped pancakes for breakfast- including a sweet treat and card in lunchboxes...) and equally predictable yet ANONYMOUS when sharing the love with colleagues. I practice "sneaky love," surprising recipients with post cards, garlands, a posy, a vintage valentine or a gift card, just because it's Valentine's Day- and never signed. I want the recipient to enjoy the sentiment and surprise, without feeling obligated to return the gesture. Enjoyment, not obligation- that's what makes gift giving so special!

A very Happy 40th to you- I'll catch up to you in December, two days before Christmas!

Bebe said...

Hi Elaine!
Greetings from the breezy Georgia coast! I just found your site through Suzanne's (Pear Tree Primatives) and I'm so glad I did! Everything is so lovely over here! I love to make Valentine's day special by making my own cards and chocolates to send/give to my friends! I'd love to win that adorable bunny, so please enter me in your contest! Thanks so much and it was an absolute delight to visit over here with you!
Hugs, Bebe :)

Anonymous said...

EEKK! please enter me! I always make Valentine cards to send to my friends and family! In each one I always put a little saying that Inspired me for the cards! I love the little bunny! thats my nickname given by hubby! babybunny! hehe I do my nose like a bunny when it itches and the nick name just stuck! lol well anywho! big mermaid hugs


Annette said...

I hope your birthday is wonderful! Your little sculpture is just so sweet. What an awesome giveaway.

Denise said...

Hi...I share the love by spending the days leading up to Valentine's Day with my 4yo granddaughter. This year we are making beaded pipecleaner hearts for the residents at the nursing home where my daughter works. There are so many of them that don't have any family and are broken hearted when the holidays come and they aren't remembered. We are going to do something for St Patty's Day and Easter, too. I also am trying to come up with something for Mother and Father's day.

jessicajane said...

Aw what a lovely day to be born! I bet you were the best Valentine's gift a mother could ever want.

One of my favorite memories of Valentine's day was that we left our Christmas tree up until February, and decorated it with handmade Valentines and was fun as a kid.

This year on Valentine's I will be visiting my husband who is away for some military training! It will be great to see him, and to be with him that weekend. I'm not sure what I'll do for him..but I'll think of something sweet.

And I will most likely be sending Valentines all over the states since I live too far from family and friends. <3

Happy Birthday and Happy Valentine's Day! at yahoo dot com

(oh, and the rabbit is amazing! so glad I found your work!)

~Tonya said...

Hello Elaine,

A Great BIG Happy Birthday to you, on the 14th! To share such a day, how very neat!

I found you on STJ (I am on there as well) and your work is amazing, to say the least.

For Valentines Day, I normally make my children a little V-Day card, with glitter and hearts of course.

At times we make HEART cookies as well. Hubby and I use to go out, but that evening is jam-packed full of since we have children now, we normally all share the evening together with a nice home-cooked meal.

So very generous of you to have such a SWEET giveaway. Your bunny is just fabulous...Thank you.

Have a great week and stay warm, Elaine.

Many Blessings,

Robert said...

I hope you have a wonderful birthday!! I can only imagine how much L-O-V-E you will receive that day! I hope you have a wonderful birthday filled with LOVE!
I will do my best to spread love on that day. I am student teaching, so I am looking forward to throwing my first official "Valentine's Day Party" I want it to be something the second graders will L-O-V-E!!!

Christine said...

Hi Elaine, just found your blog through someone else' it so far :o) Please enter me in your drawing for the wonderful baby bunny!
I always make sugar cookie cut-outs (hearts, of course) and we usually order pizza or takeout so I don't have to cook! THAT'S a treat- for me!

Anonymous said...

Greetings From Florida! I left you a short post on A.C.G, Just took a peek at your blog here! Very delightful! Our family will celebrate Valentines Day by making a Red Velvet Cake & mini cupcakes to hand out to family & friends, You are the first person I have heard that has their birthday on this Holiday! I hope you have a Blessed Birthday! & Valentines Day too! I really admire your Art! Sandra G Glass Garden

Elizabeth said...

How lucky for you to be born on Valentine's Day!
Valentine's Day is a fully decorated one in my house. I change up some of the Christmas decorations, adding hearts and ribbon...and a Valentine tree. This makes it easier to cope with the lack of decorations after Christmas. When my daughter was little, I used to hold a tea...once we made hats, one time it was doll themed and we decorated chairs, once a teddy bear tea, once it was themed Alice in Wonderland. Now that the kids are older, we go out to dinner as a family, there's always plenty of flowers, candy and little gifts that day(which include some form of plush) It really is a month long celebration that has already started!

Robert said...

Love, Love, Love, wow there is a lot of love in blogland and on this blog in particular. Can't wait to see who wins! A heads up for all of the fellas or ladies, the movie Nights of Rodanthe comes out Feb. 10th, my wife loves Nicholas Sparks books and movies, so I know I will be out getting her a copy!