Friday, September 11, 2009

Celebrate 365

Happy Friday All,

Oh No!! I think I've been Captured!!

Wow! It's Friday the sun is shining and it feels great. I just love sunny days, it just seems to make the day happier. I am loving it. Anywhoo, wanting to share a few things with you.

Starting on September 13th I will have NEW pieces available on

So, be sure to stop over and take a peek. I will be listed under Alphabet Studio.

Also a few of my ornaments will be featured in this falls issue of

Celebrate 365
Thanks so much Connie!!!

Catching some rays

Cheers for Halloween!!!

Look out he has a Sword!!

I wish I may, I wish I might...
Gaze upon the Luna Light
to grant my dreams to come true.

Enjoy your day!!


magikalseasons said...

Congrats on on being in Celebrate 365 that's wonderful! Love all your work btw! Really love that skeleton & his creepy face!:)

Halloween Fanatic said...

AWESOME!! This issue is going to ROCK!!!! I am Robert~Halloween Fanatic-and I will be featured in the collectors feature in 365---I will look for your wonderful ornaments tomorrow night!!!

Chicken Lips said...

Love your new STJ offerings this month! That Santa on the Reindeer is fantastic!

Elaine Thomas said...

Thanks All, I am excited about STJ and Celebrate 365. Thanks for the comments.